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Our team

Above all, Cuadraspania is a team of people who believe in doing their job as best they can.

As a company, we believe in people who are committed to improving customer satisfaction on a daily basis, in other words, our employees. It is their concept of responsibility that ensures the success of Cuadraspania – our business is built on collective commitment.

Qualified specialists

From the selection of seeds to the design of the final product, from our research and development department to the mechanical maintenance workshop, all our employees specialise in one particular task with one objective in mind: customer satisfaction.

  • María Antonia González Belmonte - Responsable de ventas para el mercado de cuarta gama
  • Ana María Manchón Martínez - Responsable de ventas para el mercado fresco
  • Casimiro Fernández Talavera - Responsable de Calidad
  • Jean Cuadras - Responsable de Producción
  • Jesica Maldonado Rubi - Responsable de Recursos Humanos
  • Antoine Cuadras - Fundador de Cuadraspania, Responsable de Logística y Infraestructuras
  • Francisco Damian Cano López - Responsable de Contabilidad
  • Joséphine Cuadras - Fundadora y gerente de Cuadraspania
  • María José Perez Caparrós - Encarga de la gestión de logistica interna y de envases
  • Antonia Yolanda Granados García - Departamento Producción
  • Cristina Andreo Gómez - Responsable de Compras

All our employees are awarded equal respect and, of course, are offered satisfactory and safe working conditions. It is in our interests that all employees are given access to ongoing professional training in order that they may keep up to date with the latest developments in their specialised field.

In addition, ongoing training in the rules and regulations governing both the facilities and best practises is essential for the safety and wellbeing of the team as a whole.

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