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1) Grandfather, Antonio Cuadras (Years 50 and 70)

  • Antonio Cuadras
    Antonio Cuadras

    1950 to 1978

    Antoine Cuadras was a trader and agricultural producer located in Perpignan, in the south of France. Part of his business consisted of buying oranges in Spain for sale in France.

    He also produced and traded apricots, which he exported to Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

    An innovator and entrepreneur, he also established rice plantations in Le Barcares, France.

  • Antonio Cuadras

    1978 to 1980

    As a producer and trader in Perpignan,
    he was continually on the lookout for ways of introducing new products into the market.

  • 1980 to 1989

    During a violent storm in the autumn of 1980 the entire winter production was lost overnight. Seeing as it was too late to replant traditional crops, Antoine Cuadras tried seeding and planting everything he could think of.

    At the time, Frisée was a summer crop that was exclusively consumed in the northwest of Europe, principally northern France, Belgium and the UK.

    He soon became the primary winter producer of Frisée Endive and, while initially it was difficult to move the product, it wasn’t long before it began to attract customer interest.

  • 1989 to 1991

    In 1989, always one step ahead of the pack. A. Cuadras (father) decided to establish his business in Spain, in Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia), in search of a climate suitable for outdoor winter cultivation.

    Using plants from his nursery in France, he managed to achieve good results and extended his production area.

    In the winter of 1991, when everything looked promising, temperatures suddenly dropped to -7ºC, destroying the entire crop. In hindsight it would appear that the location was not ideal for outdoor production.

  • 1992 to 1996

    In 1992, A. Cuadras (father) decided to transfer the business to Cuevas de Almanzora, just 50 kilometres to the south, in Andalusia.

    Year after year, he developed his endive and artichoke crops and sales continued to European customers.

  • 1997 to 1998

    In 1997, A. Cuadras (son) and Josephine, the two eldest children, decide to join forces and move to Spain to work alongside their father. They take over the running of the family business, which at the time consisted of 15 hectares of crops, immersing themselves fully in all the production and marketing processes.

    With the whole family now involved, formalisation of the association was a requirement and they agree to establish Cuadraspania S.L., a private limited company with the family members as Founding Partners.

  • 1999

    In the summer of 1999 they decided to continue with production during the summer months, encouraged by the interest shown by the customers.

    The Andalusian coast, however, proved not to be the ideal location and the results were disappointing.

  • 2000 to 2001

    After trying various areas in the mountains of Andalusia, in 2001 they established themselves in La Puebla de Don Fadrique, a village on level ground at an altitude of 1000 metres in the mountains near Granada.

    In 2001, Cuadraspania decided to invest in their facilities in order to adapt them as best they could to their daily production. In the first premises acquired, they built a handling facility close to the nurseries where the produce could be packaged in optimum conditions for sale throughout Spain and the rest of Europe.

  • 2002 to 2003

    In 2002 and 2003 tests began on winter cultivation of the curly and broad-leaf varieties.

  • 2004 to 2005

    In 2004, in an attempt to optimise the cultivation process, Cuadraspania sought an intermediate production area located between the coast and the mountains. The spring and autumn crops tended to present some quality-related problems, leading to the conclusion that the existing areas were far from ideal.

    Various areas were investigated and the decision was finally made to settle on Baza, a village in the province of Granada.

  • 2006 to 2008

    In 2006, the younger son Jean joins the business to help Antoine (son) in the production sector, which is increasingly larger and more demanding.

    From 2006 onwards, the facilities (nurseries, handling centre) are continually updated and expanded and a new warehouse is built.

  • De 2009 to 2010

    In 2009, in an on-going attempt to offer customers optimal service, Cuadraspania decides to extend the production of coarse endive and escarole, up until now restricted to the summer months, to year-round.

  • 2011 to 2012

    En 2011, Cuadraspania participa por primera vez a la feria de Fruit Attraction. Un nuevo horizonte se abre al sector de Frutas & Hortalizas.


  • 2013

    In 2013, in an attempt to reach a worldwide customer base, Cuadraspania develops its website in order that importers, wholesalers, chefs and end-users can become acquainted with its produce.

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