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The Environment: integrated agriculture

The environment in which our activity is carried out is respected in every stage of our production and we pay constant attention to health risks, work health and safety issues and animal welfare. Our water resources are optimised by employing the most advanced irrigation systems currently available.
In keeping with the concept of sustainable agriculture, we only apply phytosanitary treatments when a danger has been clearly identified, for example, when there is an excessive presence of certain types of butterfly or an abundance of rainfall favourable to certain diseases.

We do not treat systematically as a preventative measure.

To the aid of endangered species

In our Baza farm we are lucky enough to be the last refuge of a prehistoric snail, Orculella Bulgarica. In collaboration with the Department of the Environment, we have defined a protective perimeter of 15,000 m2 around our farm in order that this unique little snail may continue living in its natural habitat for centuries to come. Orculella Bulgarica is included in the critical list of endangered species.

Download land snail Programme (PDF)

Orculella Orgánica

Sponsorship of the Baza Archaeological Museum

The region around Baza has been continually and densely populated since the Neolithic era and the Baza Archaeological Museum today contains exhibits of archaeological finds throughout the ages.

The most interesting archaeological piece found in the region is without doubt the Lady of Baza,

an Iberian sculpture in painted limestone from the 4th century B.C. discovered on the 20th of July, 1971 by archaeologist Francisco José Presedo Velo in the Cerro del Santuario, the necropolis of the Ibero-Roman town of Basti.

Excavaciones arqueológicas
We are proud to be able to support both the museum and archaeological excavations in the region.
Museo Arqueológico Municipal de Baza

La Dama de Baza

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